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exuberant animal training events

Exuberant Animal events are highly focused, engaging and immersive. Ideal for health professionals, teachers, trainers and coaches, this is experiential education for the whole person.

Our events typically feature the following elements:

  • vigorous functional movement training, including games and team-building

  • spoken presentations on health and the human predicament

  • meditation

  • social time and food

These elements combine synergistically to inspire the complete human being. They’ll leave you laughing, sweating and inspired. (and maybe a little bit sore the next day)

dojo rules

All our events are based on the martial art model and are conducted by “dojo rules,” a set of behavior guidelines that is common in martial art studios around the world:

  • respect for people, process and place

  • full end-to-end participation

  • everyone works with everyone else

  • simple, clean, orderly

  • come with an empty cup, ready to learn

The Exuberant Animal experience is highly physical and you’ll be expected to engage to the best of your ability. This is an athletic experience: You’ll sweat. You’ll work your legs, hips and core. You’ll be encouraged to modify your participation to adjust for any pain or injury, but you’ll also be expected to try your best.

Electronic devices, including phones and laptops are not permitted at Exuberant Animal events. (In the case of long training events, short periods of access will be permitted.)

Individuals who wish to participate in Exuberant Animal training events are required to complete and sign this letter of understanding.


Exuberant Animal trainings are ideal for PE teachers, trainers and health professionals. Half-day, full-day and custom experiences are available. If you’d like to host an event, contact Frank Forencich.