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Frank Forencich presents

Frank Forencich presents

The modern world challenges our minds and bodies on every level. Life in our alien environment is not only stressful, it also leads to a host of lifestyle diseases and dysfunctions. 

Feeling the pressure, many of us go in search of knowledge that will help us make sense of our predicament. This information is valuable, but what we really need is meaningful experience that speaks to the totality of our bodies and our lives. 

Exuberant Animal training transforms individuals and organizations. Ideal for trainers, coaches, teachers, managers and health professionals, this experience is intensely meaningful. It will bring your practice to a whole new level of engagement and relevance. 

Exuberant Animal trainings include a unique combination of physical movement, team-building games, meditation and presentations on the art and science of living. Content includes instruction in practical neuroscience, functional movement, stress education, health psychology, lifestyle arts and leadership.

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