The primary goal of Exuberant Animal is to increase the health and welfare of the long body. In short, this simply refers to the body plus its habitat and tribe. Sadly, most of our modern efforts in the world of health, medicine and fitness have been aimed exclusively at the isolated short body. We practice short fitness, short medicine and even short education. But an immense body of ancient wisdom and modern scientific knowledge point to the fact that our health is utterly dependent on the health of habitat and people around us. The long body is the body + habitat + tribe. Only by honoring this unity can we be completely healthy.

In honoring the continuity between body, habitat and tribe, Exuberant Animal teachers are trained for long body leadership and long body activism. It's not enough to simply focus on fitness, diet and exercise. There must be an explicit recognition of broader connection and action to preserve the life-giving connections that extend beyond our skin. This is a new-old model for human health.