The undersigned agrees as follows:

1.            I wish to participate in physical training under the direction of Exuberant Animal® (EA)

2.            I understand that the EA training program is a functional exercise program designed to promote physical education, agility, vitality, strength, endurance and efficient locomotion.  Training sessions may use a variety of different exercises including but not limited to stretching, medicine ball drills, walking, running, jumping, balance drills and exercising with sticks.  I understand that EA training may take place both indoors and outdoors under a variety of weather and terrain conditions.           

3.            I understand that there are risks associated with the EA training program. I understand that some of the exercises are strenuous and involve a risk of injury. I understand that by participating in the training that I may be exposed to physical hazards including falls, personal injuries or accidents.

4.            I agree that I am responsible for my own intensity level during any EA training.  I understand that participation in any or all training is optional.  I agree that if at any point during training I feel that any exercise is causing strain or may result in an injury, that I will either reduce my intensity level or rest.

5.            I understand that I should consult with a physician before participating in any new exercise program including the EA training program and that I have done so or chosen not to do so.  I agree that if I have any health care concerns related to or arising out of the EA training program that I will consult with a physician.  If I have any medical condition or concern that may impact my ability to participate in the EA program, I will disclose that to the TRAINER as soon as I am aware of it.

6.            Understanding all of the potential risks described above and the inherent risks in any physical exertion or activity, I expressly and willingly assume all such risks of injury or harm that may result from or arise out of my participation in the EA program.  I further agree to release EA, TRAINER and any agents, representatives, employees, officers, successors or assigns of each from any an all claims or demands that I may have for any injury, death, loss, damage or harm that may occur to me or my property while participating or arising from my participation in the EA training program.

I have read this entire document and understand it.