Explore the Primate's Predicament


“Where do you draw the line on your identity?”

A multi-faceted exploration of this question is a core element of the Long Body Training. Together, we’ll discover how the notion of the long body—the body without boundaries—offers a radically new way of conceiving our place in the world, of how we define health, and of our responsibility as citizens of an intimately connected biosphere.

You’ll have a front-row seat as Frank and the Exuberant Animal trainers deliver a range of thought-provoking presentations, along with group discussions, drawing on both traditional knowledge and bleeding-edge research that cuts across the realms of neuroscience, biology, philosophy, social science, and more.

These presentations will shed light on the many ways our bodies are deeply connected to the rest of life on earth, and how we must start thinking about health in the widest terms.