use and modification

The following slide shows are intended for use by certified Exuberant Animal® teacher-trainers in Exuberant Animal events.

On approval, they may also be used for practice  by Exuberant Animal trainees. 

Please do not modify these shows in any way (until black belt level). With permission and for specific purposes, the shows may be shortened as needed. (As a rough general rule: one slide per minute.) No additions without prior approval. 

Practice with your shows! Know what you're going to say before you say it. Start practicing with one show, then add more as you feel comfortable. Read the books that are referenced in your show. Know your material, then weave some personal stories into it. Shoot for TED quality in every presentation.

Stick to core Exuberant Animal ideas for 80% of your presentation, then add your own 20% as you see fit. The goal is repetition with variation.


These are the shows for the classic 3-day training jam. 

  • The State of the Animal
  • Ancestry
  • Practical neuroscience
  • Long body
  • Beware False Tigers (stress)
  • The Power of Story
  • Warrior activism and leadership


  • Life Arts: High contrast living
  • Life Arts: Food
  • Life Arts: The As-If Principle


  • The martial art model
  • Long body leadership
  • EA look and feel
  • Cycles
  • Deeper biology
  • Education and teaching
  • Creating culture
  • Teaching partner-resist