Once you achieve the rank of brown belt and complete the required contract and licensing agreement, you'll be authorized to teach movement classes under the Exuberant Animal® name.

To maintain your rank and listing on the Exuberant Animal website, you must meet the following requirements and expectations

regular practice

Teaching movement classes with the Exuberant Animal look and feel, with some regularity.

follow a progression...

New brown belts should begin by leading single cycles of movement, presentation, meditation and social breaks. This will be roughly 100 minutes or an hour and a half. Once you're comfortable at that level, progress to a double cycle or roughly 3 hours. Continue adding cycles as appropriate. Report each step of your progression. It will be listed on the website.  

long body leadership

Go beyond the "short body." Show leadership on behalf of the health, tribe and habitat. The specifics aren't crucial. As long as you're doing something meaningful for the long body, you're moving in the right direction.

public speaking

This means actually getting up in front of live, diverse audiences. Practice with Exuberant Animal themes including Primate's predicament, Big-Picture Paleo, Neuro-optimism, Long body (habitat), Long body (tribe), Life Arts and The Power of Story.  Practice often and over-prepare for your presentations. Video the event and be prepared to post it for public viewing


Continue working your way through the recommended reading list, plus related titles. Be prepared to discuss. This knowledge will be vital in passing your black belt exam.


Stay in touch with monthly reports about your activity, your practice and your progress. Phone and/or email.

social media posting and publicity

Post your activity and the Exuberant Animal name on the usual channels. Link your web pages to Exuberant Animal when possible and appropriate. Add your Exuberant Animal rank badge to your website and bio.

attend one jam per year

This is a vital connection. You'll refresh your understanding of old material and meet new people. You'll also be expected to prepare and teaching a complete cycle of movement, meditation and presentation. This is your chance to give your best performance and set an example for the white belts. 

professional business practices

As an Exuberant Animal teacher-trainer, are expected to maintain sound business practices.