Every Exuberant Animal experience is animated by these core principles:

pro-health, pro-habitat, pro-social, pro-active

Exuberant Animal is devoted to creating culture that supports healthier lives, habitats and communities. This means care for the long body. 

dojo rules

Inspired by martial art training, Exuberant Animal promotes maximum engagement with experience.

  • Events run on time. No late arrivals or early departures are permitted. (This is not a "drop-in" culture.) 
  • Minimal use of electronic devices (Use is permitted only during scheduled break periods.)
  • Everyone trains with everyone else (Vital for developing a sense of group cohesion.)


Exuberant Animal movement classes feature a variety of movements and games. Naturally, trainers will vary their presentation depending on conditions, but these general principles are valuable. 

  • Keep the action focused. Avoid distractions and dead time. Plan ahead. Be assertive in your movement instructions. Keep people on track and put a damper on extraneous conversation.
  • Keep it functional: Avoid exercises and movements that are devoted to body sculpting, toning or appearance. Instead, lead movements that create simple encounters with gravity, terrain, people and momentum.
  • Keep it fun: Intense physical challenge is valuable and important, but there's more to the process. People want to move and laugh. 


The trick is balance. Gravity is essential. Our predicament is serious; many are suffering. We must focus our energy with sincerity. At the same time, a sense of humor is vital. It's possible to be earnest and light-hearted at the same time.


Exuberant Animal teacher-trainers adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.


Naturally, every teacher-trainer will bring their own stories, explanations and interpretations to the Exuberant Animal experience. Each trainer will have their own preferences, movement history and preferences. Nevertheless, each trainer is responsible for replicating the look, feel and character of Exuberant Animal. The 80-20 rule is useful here. Eighty percent of your teaching efforts should be aimed replicating the Exuberant Animal meme. Beyond that, you're free to be personal and creative.