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movement snack

the antidote to office work: follow along to feel a whole lot better

Selected from The Exuberant Animal Collection: Physicality, Philosophy and Rapport


You know the predicament all too well. You’ve been stuck in your office what seems like weeks. You’d like to get to the gym or the studio or the park for a real workout, but you just can’t break away. 

What you need is a break in the action that can reverse the effects of cognitive overload, chronic postural flexion and the sedentary blues. What you need is a movement snack, a few simple moves that will bring your body-mind back into integration. Select a few from the list below or do them all.

All you need is a desk and a med ball. You might get a little sweaty, but who cares? You’ve got a body and a brain to take care of. For best results, do the snack often. Follow up with some meditation, some water and a snack and you’re good to go.

basic run in place.png

easy run in place

Start with the easiest possible variation–a “rice paper” run. Subtle moves, minimal effort. Your feet won’t even leave the floor at first. Feel your whole body getting into the act.

Next, increase the amplitude and the intensity.


high ball.png

high ball

Simple, but powerful. Extend through your torso and organize your body below the ball. Pay close attention to the subtle relationships up and down the chain. Now get up on the balls of your feet. Next, take small steps, always extending higher and longer. Breathe.

extension rotational reach.png

extension rotation reach

Reach down and across your body, towards the floor. Allow your foot to pivot. Next, reach up and back, pivoting your foot once again.

Throughout this move, emphasize the contribution by your butt as it transmits the forces from your lower to upper body.

bird dog.jpg

bird dog

On the diagonal, bring knee and elbow together, then reach and extend.

You can do pumpy reps or slower moves with a sustained hold.

Get your breath into the act.

flat swing med ball.png

med ball rotation

Just what it looks like.

Bend your knees and work the arc, flat or diagonals.

As always, use your hips and core. Your center moves the ball.

desk dogs planks and push ups.png

desk dogs, planks and push ups

Use your desk for something more interesting than driving a mouse.

Lots to do in this position…

downward dogs, planks, push ups and rotations

single leg squat.png

single leg squats

As shown. Go only as deep as feels right.

Adjust the distance between your foot and the desk.

You can also shift some of the load to your arm for a dip-like movement.

monster rip.png

monster running in place

Just like regular running in place, only wider.

Move around.

small ball half backstroke.png

med ball one arm backstroke

Use a small ball or just fake it.

Big lazy circles with lots of extension.

Play with various stances.



Just pay attention to your breath and feel what you’re feeling.