Long Body Training

Unify your body, habitat and tribe


What is it?


Long Body Training is a transformative three-day experience that combines engaging movement, meditation, and thought-provoking presentations in the most positive social environment you’ll find anywhere. These workshops are ideal for educators, trainers, physicians, coaches, or health enthusiasts who are curious about health, the human body, and the state of the world today.

Long Body Training workshops are unique explorations of health and human performance that address the fundamental problem of biological mismatch and the challenge of effective living in the modern world. The experience is physically challenging, intellectually stimulating, and socially engaging.


Move for Strength, Growth & Fun


Train outdoors as a group in the idyllic wilderness of Leavenworth, Washington using creative, collaborative routines to build strength, flexibility and athleticism, as well as social bonds and non-verbal communication skills.


Long Body movement training draws from the rich wisdom of the martial arts, along with balance challenges for fun and proprioception, locomotion exercises to refine your gait, and partner-resistance training to build dynamic strength with others.

By emphasizing variations in tempo and strength, thoughtful attention to personal limits, and group-based movements that are playful and fun, Long Body movement sessions will guide you toward an immense sense of the possibilities for growth, both as bodies in movement and as social creatures.


Explore the Primate's Predicament


“Where do you draw the line on your identity?”

A multi-faceted exploration of this question is a core element of the Long Body Training. Together, we’ll discover how the notion of the long body—the body without boundaries—offers a radically new way of conceiving our place in the world, of how we define health, and of our responsibility as citizens of an intimately connected biosphere.

You’ll have a front-row seat as Frank and the Exuberant Animal trainers deliver a range of thought-provoking presentations, along with group discussions, drawing on both traditional knowledge and bleeding-edge research that cuts across the realms of neuroscience, biology, philosophy, social science, and more.

These presentations will shed light on the many ways our bodies are deeply connected to the rest of life on earth, and how we must start thinking about health in the widest terms.

An enlightening and entertaining approach to fitness and overall well-being.
— Dr. James O'Keefe / Cardiologist (Mission Hills, KS)

Meditate to Integrate & Unwind


Multiple daily meditation sessions offer a balance to the high-energy movement training and intellectually focused presentations.

Frank and the EA trainers guide you through meditation and visualization techniques that will motivate you to start your own regular practice of “athletic attention” or give you new tools and inspiration to augment your existing practice.

An unforgettable experience that will show you exactly what you need.
— Eva Pelegrin / Fitness & Wellness Coach (New York, NY)

Build Your Tribe


In addition to movement, education, and meditation, group meals and unscheduled social time round out the daily agenda, giving attendees a chance to get to know each other and integrate what they’ve learned.

The shared adventure of moving, learning, meditating, playing, and eating together will forge a powerful sense of connectedness with your fellow trainees. You’ll emerge from this intense but balanced experience as a member of a vibrant new tribe, revitalized and with a grounded sense of your place in the world.


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Event Trainers

Frank Forencich is an internationally-recognized expert on health and human performance and author of Exuberant Animal, Change Your Body, Change the World and Beautiful Practice.

Dawnie Rae Shaw has been a fitness coach for over 25 years with one mission: impact others so they can also impact others.

Ray Sylvester is a Feldenkrais practitioner and movement aficionado, as well as a writer, editor, and explorer of the deep, promising well of ancestral health.

Panayiotis Karabetis is a movement fanatic with 8 years experience teaching dance and martial arts and a passion for somatic education and Ux Design.

Chandler Stevens is a somatic coach who offers guidance in mobility and mindset to help people move forward in life.

Natalie Evans is passionate about finding ways for people to reconnect with nature through movement and food. She teaches indoor and outdoor movement classes and is a wild edible foods instructor. 


The rhythm of how we moved, meditated, socialized, learned, and rested was something that must be experienced, not simply read about.
— Tanner Walker / Hybrid Movement (Seattle, Washington)

Event Details

Long Body Training workshops are highly concentrated and rhythmic, composed of cycles that alternate between functional movement, meditation, presentations and social breaks. These oscillations of effort and relaxation have a powerful effect on learning and experience.


Dates, Times & Location

The Long Body Training retreats are held in Leavenworth, WA. Location details and travel information will be emailed to you before the event. The action begins at 6pm on Thursday and runs through 3 pm on Sunday. Due to the comprehensive and holistic nature of this training, no late arrivals or early departures are permitted.

Food & Accommodations

Wake up every morning with your tribe to the smell of freshly-brewed coffee and the revitalizing country air. In between training cycles, you'll enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared daily with fresh ingredients. For more information about our food philosophy, see our Food Manifesto.

Workshop Cost

The registration fee is $1,500 and includes all activities, food and lodging not to mention beautiful scenery, once-in-a-lifetime memories and lasting friendships (travel expenses not included).


Ready for a new perspective?

Hurry! Workshop spaces are limited.