At Exuberant Animal, we address the entire human experience, including the “long body:” This is simply the totality of body + habitat + tribe. As teachers and trainers, we demonstrate “long body leadership.” We are not simply trainers, we are activists who create culture and show the path forward. We are pro-health, pro-habitat, pro-social and pro-active.

These are the essential elements of long body leadership:

functional movement training and leadership

The ability to stand up in front of a group and create a movement experience that’s focused, functional and fun.


The ability to stand up in front of live, diverse audiences and speak to the primate’s predicament and mismatch. The ability to offer and explain real solutions. 

life and health arts

Understanding and teaching of the fundamentals of health in a way that’s practical and accessible.


Leading with an ubuntu orientation; we are people through other people


Getting people outdoors whenever possible, into contact with the natural world. 

hosting and logistics

The ability to organize events, host participants and lead a training effectively from start to finish. The ability to adapt to the inevitable surprises.

sapience, character, integrity

these are the non-cognitive skills such as creativity, judgment, ambiguity tolerance and emotional intelligence. This includes assertiveness and the ability to run events by Dojo Rules.