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Exuberant Animal events in Leavenworth, WA are conducted at the home of sensei Frank Forencich. This gives our event a personal, intimate atmosphere. You’ll be welcomed into my home dojo and treated like a guest. Please treat my home with respect.

The hospitality will be good, but simple. Think safari-style or house camping. Sleeping and hygiene arrangements are simple. This is not a hotel; you may have to adapt.

The lion’s share of our action will be with movement classes, presentations, meditation and social breaks. You'll be invited to participate in basic chores such as keeping the dojo orderly, helping with food and keeping our dog Mojo where he is supposed to be! These chores are easy, but essential.

All Exuberant Animal events are conducted under “Dojo Rules,” adapted from the martial arts. That is, no late arrivals or early departures are permitted. You'll be thoroughly engaged for the entire training. The use of electronic devices is restricted to a few select break periods; you’ll have time for some brief check-ins, but nothing more.

Most importantly, you are expected to train with everyone in the group equally. 

The training is conducted with a balance of gravity and levity. That is, we address the very serious issues of the day and are sincere in our training, but we also know how to laugh and play. In fact, the more disciplined we are about the fundamentals, the more fun we can have in the process.

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