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Teachers, trainers and coaches are passionate about creating physical experiences that are engaging, health-promoting and meaningful, but it’s no simple matter to make it all work. Everyone seems to have their own ideas about methods, styles, and objectives, and conventional prescriptions often leave us wondering if there isn’t a better way.

The good news is that a proven curriculum exists. Built on a lifetime in teaching and drawn on powerful movement traditions, the Exuberant Animal Experience has been designed from scratch to promote physicality, health, social rapport and relevance.

Ideal for trainers, yoga teachers, coaches, health professionals and PE teachers, this guide gives clear, step-by-step instruction in how to lead transformational movement experiences that are both fun and functional.

Our bodies are ancient and powerful, sculpted for success in wild, outdoor environments. But today we’re living in a radically different world. Our health is suffering, our biosphere is in crisis, and humanity seems to have lost its way. From epidemics of lifestyle disease to planet-wide contagions of fear, anxiety and depression, we’re struggling to adapt.

Every day we’re faced with a thousand calls to action, but modern culture gives us little guidance. We want to make a difference, but many of us have no idea where to begin. We suspect that our bodies and spirits are deeply connected to the biosphere, but we’re not sure how to nourish that relationship.

New Old Way offers a balanced, integrative perspective that honors the wisdom of native culture and the discoveries of modern science. Ideal for health professionals, trainers, coaches, teachers and anyone who’s interested in making a difference, this book will help you navigate the chaos and confusion of the modern world and provide you with the fundamentals of adaptation and resilience. This is a book about how to be whole.

Move to live, live to move! Health and fitness is a rich, multi-disciplinary practice that includes body, mind, spirit and the creative imagination. Exuberant Animal explores the totality of human health and promotes a truly integrated approach that spans culture, biology, psychology and animal behavior.

You’ll discover powerful new ideas for movement and living that will stimulate your vitality, creativity and enthusiasm. 

Today’s world presents us with an unprecedented set of perplexing challenges. Our bodies are suffering, our minds are confused and our spirits are in turmoil. We need knowledge and understanding, but we also need experience, participation and engagement. In other words, we need a practice.

Beautiful Practice is a multi-disciplinary guide to the art of living skillfully in the modern world. 

Everyone knows that stress is a big problem in the modern world. Not only does it cause us grief and anxiety, it also degrades our health and performance. But while stress is a problem, it is also a solution. When we put ourselves in a better relationship with stress, it actually promotes our health and our happiness.

Stresscraft offers a new, holistic vision for creating rapport with challenge and adversity.