host an exuberant animal training at your location!

Exuberant Animal trainings are full-immersion events that include functional movement training, team-building games, meditation and presentations on the art and science of living in the modern world. This training is ideal for personal trainers, health and medical professionals, mangers, coaches and teachers. This experience will transform your health, your practice and your profession. 

content includes:

  • Big picture views of the human predicament
  • Paleo-bio perspectives on the body and the human experience
  • The practice neuroscience of learning and training
  • "Long body" perspectives on the body, including environmental and social neuroscience
  • Life arts including food, time, stress, willpower and high-contrast living
  • Education, teaching and leadership

sample schedule for classic three-day training

host an exuberant animal training for your group or organization

The classic Exuberant Animal training event is three days, but shorter events may be available. The physical challenge is moderate, but vigorous; this training is suitable for most fitness levels.

On completion of training, participants will receive a PDF certificate documenting their training hours. (May be accepted by credentialing organizations.)

Host to provide a no-distraction facility that supports slide show presentations and vigorous physical movement. Access to the outdoors is desirable. 

Note: Exuberant Training workshops are disciplined, full-engagement events. All participants must be on time and attend the entire event. No electronic devices permitted, no late arrivals or early departures permitted. 

 for complete information on hosting a training event: