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Paleo Magazine, is the first, and only print magazine dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle and ancestral health. Paleo provides a model for holistically healthy living.

Ancestral Health Society is organized for the purpose of fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and translational efforts between scientists, healthcare professionals, and laypersons that study and communicate about the human ecological niche and modern health from an evolutionary perspective to develop solutions to our current health challenges.

Evolve Move Play: Learn to move like a human, to reclaim your capacity to move with flow over grass, rocks, and trees, play with sticks and stones, and learn to develop yourself through contact, roughhousing, dance and combatives. Reconnect with nature and develop your aliveness in movement to become more resilient embodied human.

Ancestral Health Radio, hosted by James "The Hairless Ape" Broderick, creator and host of the Ancestral Health Radio podcast. "I rehabilitate domesticated humans so that they may safely, and consciously, re-enter the wild."


Dana Lyons: Bringing together a mix of comedy, ballads and love songs, Dana’s sharp wit and beautiful voice have him performing at concert halls, festivals, conventions, fundraisers and universities across the US and around the world. Dana’s music receives crossover radio play on country, rock, alternative, community, college and oldies radio stations worldwide

Reconnected Human: Our coaching is designed to help you uncover your greatest potential. Many people see their dreams but most turn their backs, It's your fear of being your greatest self that leaves you feeling stuck in mediocrity. By implementing the Reconnected Human natural essential elements in to your unique situation you will gain the strength and clarity to create your vibrant healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Health is your greatest ally on your journey. 

Wildfitness runs transformational fitness holidays designed to deeply inspire your approach to fitness. Whatever your age or fitness level during your experience at Wilfitness - our lifestyle philosophy based on nature & evolution will make real changes to your body- becoming lean, strong, injury and pain-free and vibrant with health. You will learn the life transforming tools for life-long health & vitality.

Meaning in Motion: We love to move. We believe that the human body is made to enjoy a wide variety of challenges. And yet we know there is more than the jump, more than the bench, more than the swing. We think athletics should always rhyme with ethics. We believe man’s search for the meaning is always healthier when it is both shared and playful.

Free Fit Guy: We believe in the power of self-discovery through discussion.  Our goal with this podcast is to start a conversation, but not finish it.  Often, we discover something about ourselves through the people closest to us.  So enjoy – connect – reflect – and most of all, embrace the journey.

Dr. James O'Keefe is an American author and cardiologist best known for his studies in the field of cardiovascular medicine, diet and exercise. O’Keefe is a leading proponent of exercise but argues that moderate rather than extreme efforts are best for conferring longevity.

Martha Peterson Somatics: Martha Peterson, is aCertified Hanna Somatic Educator and movement expert, and the author of the book, Move Without Pain, published by Sterling Publishers. She has also produced the instructional DVD, "Pain Relief Through Movement," as well as a line of "Pain-Free" Somatic Exercise DVDs, which are now selling worldwide.

MovNat is the comprehensive study of practical, real world movement. What we teach is the skill of movement through technique and mindful engagement. It is a practice that restores health, vitality, and mental clarity.


Your body on your own terms.Through online coaching and on-site workshops Chandler Stevens teaches people how to reclaim their physical potential & find freedom in their bodies.  It isn't easy, but it's simpler than you think.

UpRight Movement educates, empowers, and coaches people with integrity and passion. We help to improve your quality of life through truly functional movement development using sound principles that consider lifelong health, injury reduction, and dynamic performance.

The Gray Institute® is the world’s foremost authority of Applied Functional Science®. This information and education is delivered in a variety of formats, including the institute’s video library, exercise library, live events, certifications, mentorship program, online modules, DVDs, and other functional products and equipment.

A Wild Life Helping students broaden their ideas about what it means to use their bodies. We step out of the gym and move away from exercise machines in order to reconnect with movements that come naturally to the human body. The exercises we cover (both in the classes and in private instruction) cycle through movements that include crawling, jumping, running, hanging, stretching, tossing/catching, and lifting/carrying.

Dawni Rae Shaw has been a Fitness Instructor since 1997 and a personal coach for over 10 years in the Seattle area.  She is currently instructing and coaching at Bellevue Pro Sports Club, Bothell Northshore YMCA, and at her personal training Studio in Kirkland. Her trademark is outdoors, park, and playground training.

Dr. Kwame Brown: The Neighborhood Neuroscientist. Merging science, movement, art, and activism to create cooperative, vibrant communities. Dr. Kwame Brown conducts workshops and projects across North America as The Neighborhood Neuroscientist, and he's also a full-time Professor of Psychology at Hampton University in Hampton, VA.

The True Health Initiative:  Our vision is a world where all people live long and healthy lives, free of preventable chronic disease. Our mission is to create a culture free of preventable chronic disease by demonstrating and disseminating the global consensus on the fundamental, evidence-based truths of lifestyle as medicine.

Motus: Stories and ideas that move us: We believe movement matters. Driven by a profound curiosity of the human body, Motus is committed to telling compelling stories and sharing ideas that inspire and impact the way we move and, by extension, the way we live. Physical literacy and human potential sit at the heart of the stories we tell.

World Jungle is an award winning social enterprise all about bringing people together, creating healthier communities and sharing the best of our world. We have three key activity areas (Creative, Health, Community), fusing culture and creativity, dynamic health and wellbeing,  We work to build effective partnerships, connect communities and deliver creative solutions to challenges facing our society.

Kari Lehr lives and paints in the beautiful Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada.  A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, she spent 20 years illustrating for various agencies, studios and corporations around North America. Today she pursues her own vision, working primarily in acrylic, often incorporating mixed media.

Simeon Schatz makes art in everything he touches. With over 30 years as an intuitive visual artist, he applies these diverse experiences to tightly focus on modern commercial web enterprises, personalities and to complex digital projects. Simeon also manages high level teams across the archway path from conceptual creative, through the production process, and into negotiating winning digital strategies and campaigns for his many happy clients.