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exuberant animal coming to france!

physicality, philosophy and rapport

may 15-17, 2020 caen, normandy

join us for this special training event featuring frank forencich, creator of exuberant animal.

ideal for trainers, coaches, teachers, therapists and activists.

hosted by:

cfpa (centre de formation le plaisir d'apprendre) and ressources primordiales


The world is in turmoil and we’re struggling to find our way. Ecological strife and social stress press in on us from every direction. As leaders and practitioners in the physical and healing arts, we wonder about how our practices fit into the larger whole. What can we do to improve the lives of our clients, patients and students, while still being relevant to the challenges at hand?

This is a truly comprehensive training experience, dedicated to the complete development of the human animal. You’ll enjoy vigorous movement training, coupled with powerful content and big-picture perspectives. This workshop will bring a profound sense of meaning and relevance to your training and practice.


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You’ll learn the team-building games and leadership skills presented in “The Exuberant Animal Experience: Teacher’s Guide to Philosophy, Physicality and Rapport.”

In addition, you’ll explore a powerful set of ideas that will move you and your students towards deep adaptation:

  • The State of the Animal

  • Ancestry and Paleo perspectives

  • Essentials of functional training

  • Practical neuroscience

  • The health-habitat connection

  • What it means to be a social animal

  • The power of story

  • Sapience: A study of practical wisdom

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cost: 450€

limited to 50 participants

to reserve your space, send an email to “cfpa at apprendre dot org”