Your event fee for Exuberant Animal training includes meals, drink and snacks. We go all-out to provide generous servings of high quality food. We love to serve our participants and make people happy.

Of course, food has many meanings. At Exuberant Animal, we understand the importance of a healthy diet. At the same time, we believe that food bonds people together in celebration. 

With that in mind, please advise us of your preferences and we will do our best to take them into account. However, be advised: We cannot possibly cater to everyone’s individual preferences. Your choices will be limited and you may not get precisely what you desire.

Food preparation at our events is a big job.  All our shopping and cooking is done by senior students and participants. We do the best we can with a small kitchen, but some compromises are unavoidable. We’ll feed you great food and we’ll try to give you choices, but you may have to adapt.

Whenever possible, we strive for gluten-free selections and do our best to avoid excess sugar and refined carbohydrates. We try to buy local and organic when we can, but this is not always possible. We strive for low-impact food and preparation, but even here, compromises are unavoidable. In the spirit of celebration, we also serve beer and wine, especially on Saturday night. We may also serve some sweet and yummy treats, sugar included.

As for vegetarian diets, we understand the dilemma of animal products. We’re familiar with the atrocities of modern meat production and its effect on the earth. We respect vegetarian choices. However, we also believe that for many people, meat is an important part of a healthy diet. To navigate this dilemma, we do the best we can. We buy our meats from responsible suppliers and we offer vegetarian options at every meal.

Most importantly, we are completely non-judgmental about your dietary choices. We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy our hospitality. Please feel free to eat in the way that works for you. If you have strong feelings about your food or have unusual preferences, be sure to contact us ahead of time. We’ll do our best to make you happy.