workshop fees: outback spring 2019

Your cost for Outback 2019 will depend on your level of participation and the length of your stay. (Minimum stay is 3 days.)

Basic level participants come and enjoy the movement classes, presentations and other activity.

Teacher level participants come prepared to deliver a professional-quality presentation and/or movement class.

(Obviously, you’ll be responsible for all your transportation costs and camping gear etc. You’re also expected to bring most of your own food and prepare at least one complete meal for the entire group.)

Pricing philosophy: Our goal is to keep prices as low as possible to encourage participation and reduce the stress associated with big money experiences.

basic participation:

3 days (minimum) $500
5 days $700
7+ days $800

teacher and leadership level:

3 days (minimum) $300
5 days $400
7+ days $500

Workshop fees are refundable up to 3 months prior to the event.

To secure your spot and make your payment, visit this page.