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the exuberant animal experience:
teachers’ guide to philosophy, physicality and rapport


Teachers, trainers and coaches know it’s no easy matter to lead a movement class that’s engaging and meaningful. Everyone seems to have their own ideas about methods and styles, exercises and objectives. We’d like to give our students an authentic, health-promoting experience, but conventional methods often leave us wondering about how to make it work. 

The good news is that a proven curriculum does exist. Built on a lifetime in teaching and drawn on the wisdom of powerful movement traditions, the Exuberant Animal Experience has been designed from scratch to promote physicality, health, and social rapport. This guide gives clear, step-by-step instruction in how to lead authentic, transformational movement experiences.

Ideal for yoga teachers, trainers, coaches and anyone who works with bodies and movement, this guide will give you the tools you need to lead a transformative physical experience.

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sample moves

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bird dog

Knee to elbow, and repeat. Reach and extend. Do a dozen or so reps on each side. Try some sustained holds. Emphasize the butt and feel your core!

touch the earth, reach high

Work from a solid squat. Touch down in front, then reach high and back. Alternate sides with big moves.

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standing arm swings

Get some bounce going. Easy stance or on one foot. Get the swing going from your core, get your legs and hips involved. Once you’ve got the rhythm going, reach higher and slightly behind. Get some extension in your spine!

reach for the sky

Up on your forefeet, alternating big reaches. Do more than just a couple. Feel the participation of your whole body, especially hips and torso. Breathe!

For even more, add a medicine ball!

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standing backstroke

Just like it sounds. Big lazy strokes to start. Work from various stances or on one foot. As you warm to the movement, reach higher. Get the whole back into it. Feel your shoulder blades moving. Feel your spine getting long and juicy. Do a lot of reps.