Experience or catastrophe

With all the noise about the new information economy, the digital revolution and the potential of “big data,” it’s easy to assume that these things are somehow important and necessary. The media is in a feeding frenzy and venture capitalists are lining up to put money in the pockets of anyone with a new, disruptive technology ...

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Embrace the mystery

This week brings another wave of books, research reports and expert interviews about our crushing epidemic of lifestyle disease; another round of mind-numbing statistics of human bodies degenerating before our eyes, another call for action in the face of what is beginning to look like a global pandemic of misery ...

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Smart is the new dumb

This will come as a surprise to many of our so-called “digital natives,” but back in the Paleo, people actually experienced their bodies and the world directly, with no outside intervention. We used our nervous systems to feel our flesh, our habitat, our movements and each other ...

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Your most invisible ally

Beauty soon grows familiar to the lover, Fades in his eye, and palls upon the sense.  ~ Joseph Addison, Cato, A Tragedy (1713)

What’s the most familiar object in your universe? Hint: It’s not your smart phone. It’s not your running shoes. It’s not your favorite coffee cup.

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Release the hounds

“Would you like some help out to your car with that?” I did a double take. “Excuse me?”

“Would you like some help out with that?”

I had just purchased a few supermarket items with a combined weight of perhaps 2 pounds; a can of shaving cream, some dental floss, a head of broccoli and a jar of salsa.

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Everyone wants integration, but there are lots of ways to go about it. Here are a few examples, all constructed as spokes on a bicycle wheel. Each speaks to unity in the art of living. The yin-yang mandala is the all-time classic. Opposite forces are interconnected and interdependent ...

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See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I was born about 2 minutes ago into the wild, mosaic grassland of East Africa. I am, of course, entirely naked. My skin is soft, my senses are untrained and my limbs are nearly useless. I am, to put it in the most elemental terms, some 7 or 8  pounds of high-quality protein, protein that is craved by a wide range of predators and carnivores that prowl nearby ...

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The end of hyperbole as we know it

Everything in excess is opposed by nature.  ~ Hippocrates

Sometimes it seems that the health and fitness industry is hell-bent on turning itself into a cartoon. Every weight-loss and athletic training program is declared to be “the ultimate.” Outrageous claims are everywhere and extremism is the order of the day ...

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Diagonal reaches

In a world gone mad with exercise machines and high-tech strap-ons, we might well wonder what, if anything, the body might still be capable of doing on its own. The answer is “quite a bit.” All we really need is a couple of bodies, some gravity and imagination ...

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American spectator

As we grind our way through another American football season, millions of sports fans will dig in and prepare to go the distance. They’ll get themselves a new flat panel display, make sure the batteries in the remote are all charged up, download a schedule of all the big games and lay in a copious supply of edible, food-like substances ...

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Inside out

As we all know, outdoor exercise is the way to go. Not only does it feel really good, a growing body of research now demonstrates a powerful link between outdoor experience and improved human health. The "green exercise" movement is really taking off ...

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