Partner-resistance: negotiation and rapport

If you've had the opportunity to do some partner-resistance training, you know how intriguing it can be. Not only does it provide physical challenge, it also gives us a chance to build rapport through physical negotiation. This is an experience that goes way beyond mere "fitness." Yes we're building muscle tissue, burning calories and making our bodies more intelligent, but we're also doing something profoundly interpersonal. This process and relationship has yet to be adequately described, but it has enormous promise. What exactly happens during partner resist? Sure, one person is "coach" and provides smooth resistance to his partner, the "athlete." On one level, it's just mechanical resistance, but it's a whole lot more than that. It's an interpersonal, interphysical conversation that's non-verbal and subcortical. We don't consciously calculate how hard to push or pull. Rather, we let our tissue make the call, always seeking out the sweet spot of mutually beneficial speed and resistance. This interaction is unique in the world of interpersonal relationships.

There is a vast, unexplored territory here and lots to learn.