Exuberant Animal Solo Short Form

This is a functional movement sequence designed to pump your body to a state of exuberance. It will also enhance your athletic performance and help to prehabilitate you against injury. The moves are conceptually simple, but contain thousands of variations that will keep you engaged over time. You can perform this set as a warm-up or as a stand-alone practice - any time you feel the need for some stimulating movement. Perform outdoors and barefoot when possible, or wherever the need for movement arises. In any case, follow these core principles: Use your whole body to perform each movement. Bend your knees and get your hips talking to your shoulders. Breathe powerfully. Use your hips, core and torso to power the moves. Experiment with a variety of stances and challenge yourself with combinations of big and small, fast and slow.

This sequence is an integral part of the Exuberant Animal Trainer curriculum: all Exuberant Animal Trainers are expected to master the basic sequence.