First, do no medicine

“Modern medicine is a negation of health. It isn't organized to serve human health, but only itself, as an institution. It makes more people sick than it heals.”

― Ivan Illich


It’s just three little words. Well-intentioned, professional, conservative words. A news story about health presents the pros and cons of some kind of body-related treatment and concludes with the advice to “See your doctor.” Variations include: “See your health care provider” or “See your health care professional.”

Perfect circles

Lack of systemic wisdom is always punished. If you fight the ecology of a system, you lose - especially if you 'win.'
~ Gregory Bateson

No one on the playground seemed to know where it came from or what it was all about, but it sure was fun. Just square off with a friend and off you go. Rock smashes scissors, but can be covered by paper. Paper covers rock, but can be cut by scissors. Scissors cuts paper, but can be smashed by rock. Maybe you called it ick-ack-ock, ching-chang-cholly, zig-zag-zog or ro-sham-bo.

Our work matters

Our work matters

As 2015 winds to a close, it’s time to reflect on who we are and what we’re doing in this world, but sadly, it’s easy to get discouraged. Our culture puts physical training and education at the bottom of just about every hierarchy. In schools and universities, we’re at the bottom of the academic totem pole. In gyms and clinics, we’re constantly under pressure, our jobs vulnerable to the youngsters who’re willing to work for free to get started in the business.