Promotion to the rank of Exuberant Animal black belt requires concentrated effort over a sustained period of time.

We're looking for trainers who can deliver across the entire curriculum of Exuberant Animal themes. This is far more than movement instruction or athletic mastery; the Exuberant Animal sensei will also be a comfortable public speaker with knowledge that extends across biology, human history, health sciences and psychology. 

After a concentrated period of practice as a brown belt movement teacher, you will submit an application, exam and work samples for review. On approval, you'll be cleared to begin logistic and hosting preparations for your black belt exam: hosting a complete and professional 3-Day training, open to all. 

This event will be observed by Frank Forencich (fee required + travel expenses). 

On successful completion, you'll be cleared to host additional 3-day training events. (contract required)

In addition, you'll receive a black belt certificate and an honored listing on the EA website. 

Estimated time to complete requirements and develop the necessary skills: 2-5 years.