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Exuberant Animal teacher training is ideal for anyone who wishes to advance their personal and professional development. Far more than exercise leaders, Exuberant Animal teacher-trainers are well-rounded professionals, presenters and cultural leaders. This is a special opportunity to participate in something incredibly meaningful and relevant.

Why become a trainer?

  • You'll deepen your knowledge of the body, group class leadership and human health.
  • You'll meet and train with some incredibly exciting people.
  • You'll have access to cutting-edge content, including The Exuberant Animal Collection, a digital collection of functional movements and games
  • You'll receive Exuberant Animal CEUs (may or may not be accepted by your organization) Sample
  • This is a chance to grow professionally and develop your "long body leadership"

The Training

Aspiring teacher-trainers will learn...

  • Foundational concepts in human biology, neuroscience, ecology, psychology and life arts
  • Functional movement and exercise principles
  • Long body leadership and health activism
  • Presentation and speaking skills, including subject-matter competence in human biology and fields related to health and the human predicament
  • Powerful general principles for teaching and leading events


The ideal applicant will have previous experience in movement arts, physical training, athletic conditioning, health and/or medicine. He or she will have read widely in the fields of biology, ecology, health and psychology. Experience in the martial arts is highly desirable. Personal training, coaching or yoga experience is also valuable. Prior speaking experience is also a plus.

Certification in the Exuberant Animal system requires a substantial commitment of both time and energy. Aspiring movement teachers must complete the following: 

  • Attend one classic 3 day training to learn the fundamentals. 
  • Attend at least one 5-day teacher training (This is the minimum requirement. Depending on proficiency and experience, trainees may be asked to attend additional events or seek additional practice.)
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver movement classes and presentations with the Exuberant Animal "look and feel"
  • Substantial reading from the recommended list
  • Pass a comprehensive exam on material presented in the 3 day trainings
  • Pay a one-time licensing fee to use the Exuberant Animal® name
  • Attend one Exuberant Animal event each year to maintain currency
  • Pay annual dues
  • Provide proof of insurance appropriate to your working environment
  • Maintain any additional certifications (CPR, etc) as appropriate.

On completion of the requirements, you'll receive a certificate, a cow bell (for leading movement classes), a listing on the Exuberant Animal website, a website badge to use on your own website, and the go-ahead to conduct movement classes with the look and feel of Exuberant Animal. 

Advancement and Expectations

As an aspiring Exuberant Animal teacher in training, you'll be expected to practice regularly. During your apprenticeship, you'll be... 

  • leading and refining your movement classes
  • reading from the recommend list
  • practicing your speaking skills in front of various audiences. See these guidelines for effective presentations.
  • attending an annual Exuberant Animal event
  • reporting in regularly with your insights, questions and progress

Advancement in the Exuberant Animal system is by seniority and demonstrated proficiency.  


If you're interested in becoming an Exuberant Animal trainer, please describe your background, experience and interests on this form: 

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