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"Your holistic approach to health is one that every individual and their animal companions should strive to achieve."

- Jane Goodall Institute


"I have worked with Frank Forencich at two major medical meetings. Frank is a superb public speaker–articulate, extremely knowledgeable and passionate in his presentations. He has a fun and endearing interactive style that is both enlightening and entertaining. Frank captivates his audiences and gives them unique and practical advice. I speak at and or attend science and medical programs around the U.S. dozens of times each year, and thus have the chance to see and hear the top scientists frequently. Frank Forencich is one of the most effective presenters with whom I have ever worked."
James O’Keefe MD cardiologist - St. Luke’s Cardiovascular Consultants


"I thought your keynote was FANTASTIC. Just what I’d hoped for: conversational, connected, scholarly, accessible, primal, practical, and playful. You made this audience of physical educators think about things in a new way. You’re a masterful teacher, Frank, and NUMEROUS comments from the attendees, as well as rave reviews on the written evaluations, confirm my own positive impressions. I continued to hear VERY positive comments from the attendees at your session."
Mariah Burton Nelson - Executive Director: American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation


"Frank Forencich is a superb writer. His voice is clear, accurate and accessible."
Robert M. Sapolsky - Professor of Neurological Sciences, Stanford University
author of A Primate’s Memoir and Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers


"At a time when our society looks to genetic engineering and pharmacological interventions to improve our health, Frank Forencich reminds us that the most essential keys to healthy minds and bodies are right outside the closest windows of our homes and offices. Through millions of years of evolution, the human body and brain have been fine-tuned to respond optimally to the natural environment. Change your Body, Change the World forces us to consider the natural costs of such technological, sedentary lifestyles. After reading this book, you’ll view our society’s many “advances” in a new light and will opt for “real” encounters with nature over virtual experiences delivered to our electronic devices."
Kelly G. Lambert, Ph.D., Macon and Joan Brock Professor of Psychology, Randolph-Macon College - President, International Behavioral Neuroscience Society


"Frank’s prose is deeply authentic. He has a deep insight into the human predicament - where we go wrong and how we can rectify it. Frank’s wisdom comes from a lifetime of contemplating and experiencing real life and he understands ‘the human’ in his bones.” This is no removed academic piece, it is a book of visceral honest love for our place in nature and it throws us a challenge that we can’t ignore."
Tara Wood - Founder of Wildfitness


"Contact, contact, contact–Thoreau’s mantra, needed even more in our disembodied age. This is a book worth living."
Bill McKibben - Author of Long Distance: A Year of Living Strenuously


"Frank dances back and forth between personal and planetary health with an effortless credibility and a writing style that makes this book utterly engaging for anyone interested in the bigger picture. It is the layman’s guide to systems thinking presented with a gift for amusing, juicy, relevant and insightful anecdotes."
Edward Drax - Chief Executive Officer, Wildfitness


"On behalf of the Jane Goodall Institute, I have checked out your great website and read about your amazing philosophy. Your holistic approach to health is one that every individual and their animal companions should strive to achieve. Keep up the wonderful work, as you really are making a difference in the world for all living creatures."
Chase Pickering
Jane Goodall Institute


"If I could suggest just one activity for all groups (DOE, Foundations, Academic “Researchers”) that (try to) help evolve schools, it would be to spend a day with Frank Forencich. He is my nominee for the Gates Foundation’s Education Board if they actually wanted to improve education, rather than compliance with schools."
Clark Aldrich - author of Unschooling Rules