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Exuberant Animal coming to London, June 20-21, 2015!

Join us for an exciting two-day training experience led by Frank Forencich, creator of Exuberant Animal. Firmly grounded in biology and evolutionary science, this event features functional movement training, meditation and intriguing presentations on the art and science of health. The experience is primal, transformational and intensely meaningful.
Ideal for trainers, coaches, teachers and health professionals, this experience will bring your practice to a whole new level of engagement and relevance. This event is pro-habitat, pro-health and pro-social.

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Exuberant Animal team touch graphicExuberant Animal seminars are highly integrated learning experiences dedicated to performance, health education, team cohesion and creativity. Participants discover new skills and ideas for improving their performance, health and social intelligence.

Ideal for managers, decision-makers, human resource directors, knowledge workers, health care and fitness professionals, Exuberant Animal training meets the challenge of declining health, rising medical costs and rampant presenteeism. Benefits include:

  • Learn the neurological basis of performance
  • Increase team cohesion and good will
  • Improve your understanding of stress management
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Increase creativity and innovation
  • Preserve your neurological assets

Seminars are led by Frank Forencich, creator of Exuberant Animal.

Frank Forencich at Stanford Design School, April 2011:


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All Exuberant Animal seminars and events are conducted by Dojo Rules.

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