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The modern world places extraordinary demands on both individuals and organizations: complexity, crushing workloads, sedentary living, chronic stress and fragmented attention reduce our performance, our health and our happiness. Unfortunately, attempts to manage this challenge have been fragmented; we address one problem at a time, but rarely do we provide systemic, whole-life solutions.

Exuberant Animal offers integrated, transformational training for performance and health. Our training and publications are ideal for performance-oriented individuals and organizations seeking a comprehensive strategy for effectiveness in the modern world.


The Exuberant Animal philosophy is animated by a set of overlapping themes:

Exuberant Animal foot stomp Engagement, full-participation and high-performance. In martial art culture, this quality is known as zanshin.
Exuberant Animal foot
Robust physicality, functional movement training, embodied cognition, social games and play.
Exuberant Animal earth
A holistic perspective that includes, not only mind, body and spirit, but also essential elements of community and nature.
Exuberant Animal tree
A growth orientation; the belief that minds, bodies and behaviors can continue to progress through training and practice.

Exuberant Animal is the creation of Frank Forencich, author of Exuberant Animal and Change Your Body, Change the World.