Change Your Body, Change the World:

Reflections on Health and the Human Predicament

Change Your Body, Change the World  book cover

Welcome to "Big Health," the idea that individual, social and environmental health are complementary reflections of one another. If we change one part of this relationship, for better or worse, we change the other parts as well. Today we see an urgent need for a new kind of health orientation, one that's more inclusive and consistent with our radically interconnected and endangered world. Change your Body, Change the World will give you a fresh perspective on the human predicament and new ideas for health with meaning.

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What people are saying:

Dances back and forth between personal and planetary health with an effortless credibility and a writing style that makes this book utterly engaging for anyone interested in the bigger picture. It is the layman's guide to systems thinking presented with a gift for amusing, juicy, relevant and insightful anecdotes.

Edward Drax, Chief Executive Officer: Wildfitness

Contact, contact, contact–Thoreau's mantra, needed even more in our disembodied age. This is a book worth living.

Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth: Making a Living on a Tough New Planet

At a time when our society looks to genetic engineering and pharmacological interventions to improve our health, Frank Forencich reminds us that the most essential keys to healthy minds and bodies are right outside our closest windows. Through millions of years of evolution, the human body and brain have been fine-tuned to respond optimally to the natural environment—to dirt, wind, rain, physical challenges, and complex face-to-face social interactions. Change your Body, Change the World forces us to consider the natural costs of such technological, sedentary lifestyles. After reading this book, you'll view our society's many "advances" in a new light and will opt for "real" encounters with nature over virtual experiences delivered to our electronic

Kelly G. Lambert, Ph.D.
Macon and Joan Brock Professor of Psychology, Randolph-Macon College
President, International Behavioral Neuroscience Society

This book propelled me to new vistas and will inspire the reader to leap many steps deeper to a breadth of options. The title fulfills its promise; this is detailed and well organized traverse through the illusions that keep us from deeply participating fully in our own nature as bodily humans. This is not a book full of rhetoric. Frank walks (runs, jumps, heckles, pumps, barefoots, climbs, tugs, dances) his talk. You will too, after reading this transformative book.

Stuart L. Brown MD
Founder and President, The National Institute for Play

I have spent many years following my soles into the last of the wild, refusing to listen to the cultural talk that led me into sore feet, sad heart and confused mind. Then I heard a “voice from the wild” in the airwaves of the modern world, a voice with strong words and a movement practice to back it up. Frank is a master tracker, a professor of physical skills and written knowledge. Change Your Body, Change the World will open a path way to “making sense” of the predicament of our time. It is a invitation that inspires all of us to learn the craft and cultivate our organic body with the organics of the land. If you desire a change in yourself and in the way that we relate to the world, then pick up this book–walk, run, dance, lift, swing and play each essay as part of your training and remember.

Mick Dodge
“The Barefoot Sensei”

Frank's prose is deeply authentic. He has a deep insight into the human predicament - where we go wrong and how we can rectify it. Frank's wisdom comes from a lifetime of contemplating and experiencing real life and he understands 'the human' in his bones.” This is no removed academic piece, it is a book of visceral honest love for our place in nature and it throws us a challenge that we can't ignore.

Tara Wood 
Founder of Wildfitness

Frank Forencich writes with intelligence, humor and insight about how we can take responsibility for our own health and, in turn, affect others in a positive way. It will change the way you think about fitness, health, nutrition and the world around us.

Martha Peterson, Somatic Educator
Essential Somatics