may 14-15, 2016


health and performance for the human animal!


Join us for this exciting 2-day training in London. Ideal for health enthusiasts and professionals alike, this training will give you a deeper understanding of what it means to be healthy and a new appreciation for what it means to be human. 

Perfect for teachers, trainers, physicians, coaches and other health enthusiasts, this experience is physically challenging, intellectually stimulating and socially engaging. Action includes: functional movement classes, intriguing presentations on the art and science of healthy living, meditation, food and fun. This is a powerful and uniquely engaging experience. Location: The Hub, Regents Park, London 

Exuberant Animal CEUs provided. See an example.  

In partnership with Wildfitness

Movement sessions include:

  • Balance challenges for fun and proprioception
  • Locomotion: refining your gait
  • Partner-rapport building and martial art
  • Functional games
  • Med ball mania
  • Partner-resist training: building strength with others

Presentations include:

  • Primate's Predicament: overview of our modern public health
  • Big-picture Paleo: setting a biological context
  • Practical neuroscience, the foundation of learning and skill
  • The Long body: Understanding the totality of body, habitat and tribe
  • The Power of Story

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This training is led by Frank Forencich, creator of Exuberant Animal. Frank is the author of Exuberant AnimalChange Your Body, Change the World and Beautiful Practice.


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for more information, contact paul ranson at wildfitness

dojo rules

Inspired by martial art training, all Exuberant Animal events are conducted by Dojo Rules:

  • Events run on time: no late arrivals or early departures are permitted. 
  • Minimal electronics: use of devices is limited to selected break periods.
  • Everyone trains with everyone else. 
  • Respect for people, place and process.